About Us

The world is being reshaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful digital forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work.

Priyanka Communications India Private Limited (PCIPL) is the holding company that operates with three brand names viz. Priyanka Telecom, CENTRiC and FRND. The first being brand name for distribution business, the other two are smartphones and feature phones respectively. The architects behind the company’s march to excellence -- since its inception in 1995 -- are Mr. Mahesh Chandra Agrawal, who has a 45-year experience in infrastructure development and distribution; and Mr. Manish Agrawal, an engineering graduate with two decades of experience. Together, they cherish the dream of leveraging CENTRiC to dizzying heights with their combined expertise and professional calling.

Evincing a keen interest in the growing Business to Consumer market needs, the holding company believes in an unflinching commitment to constant value-adds. It is the result of company’s relentless pursuits by its 500-plus employees, over 250 distributors and 20,000 plus strong retailer network that it has been able to cater to a burgeoning clientele and win their trust ever since they made their historic entry. PCIPL has its offices in India, China and Hong Kong. It operates under 3 business verticals viz., Retail, Telecom and Information Technology.

In tune and sync with the Digital India doctrine, PCIPL has launched two mobile brands in a major R&D breakthrough – CENTRiC mobiles and FRND mobiles -- to keep pace with the rapidly evolving mobile industry. Standing tall in today’s highly competitive market, its application for the invention, Research and Development (R&D) has put it on the forefront of a sector that reinvents with constant up gradation and innovation.

For PCIPL, business – start-up or large-scale – is sacrosanct and it is this ethos that has guided us effortlessly in a market as diverse as telecom, luxury fashion, IT products and sportswear where quality is the only watchword.

Our Brands

Priyanka Telecom was established 2 decades ago being the oldest distribution arm of Priyanka Communication. It was setup to handle distribution & end-to-end supply chain for Telecom, IT hardware, IT Software and Fashion Retail companies.

Today, Priyanka Telecom enjoys a strong distribution base of 200 distributors that serves over 20,000 retailers and reach of more than 4 million customers.


CENTRiC is Priyanka Communications latest foray into the Smartphone market. CENTRiC Smartphones are built for delivering incredible style and smart performance designed especially for the Indian Youth. With CENTRiC Smartphones, we want everyone to join the digital India revolution and contribute to our growth story by expanding capabilities!


With an objective of carving a niche in feature phone industry and meet the requirements of Indian Youth; the FRND brand was set-up. FRND serves the need for feature phones by manufacturing high quality and long endurance feature phones.

Our Mission

"To give everyone the means to connect digitally."

Our Vision

To provide innovative, affordable products to empower our customers digitally, enabling positive difference in their lives that result in the growth of economy using latest technology & value for money products.